Tools you need to create explainer videos

When it comes to the tools you may need to create explainer videos, you can find hundreds to help you. Millions are taking advantage of the power an explainer video has. It is one of the most effective marketing tools presently available for businesses, individuals and companies. Creating an explainer video can do wonders to help anyone explain any merchandise or brand. The same goes for companies or people who are offering services. But what is the best explainer video software out there? What are the best tools to create explainer videos?

Reasons For Explainer Videos

One of the best things to happen for companies who wanted to describe their services or products, were explainer videos. Too many businesses had to spend hours trying to explain to potential clients about what they were offering. However, with explainer videos, all of that is now accomplished in 3 minutes or less.

The reality is that people’s attention span on the internet is something to be aware of. Most internet users can be distracted easily. That is why the explainer videos are so powerful and widely used. You can get your message out to the viewers while keeping them entertained. At the same time, you do so quickly and without having to spend too much money.

Some companies have seen their sales skyrocket after using an explainer video to promote their wares. It is why their popularity has exploded and so many are using them to get a hold of potential leads, sales and viewers.

Explainer Videos Software

The first thing you will need to create your very own explainer video is the software or program. Presently, there are countless of explainer video tools you can use. There are even applications you can download to your Smartphone or tablet and use them to create your explainer videos. Still, using iMovie or other video editing programs is not easy and requires some work. This is where tools for creating an explainer video come in handy. They are specifically designed for just that. These instruments help you make either an animated or another type of explainer video.

Some of the tools you can use are available online. These you don’t have to download them at all and require no installation on your device. One of those tools you can use to create an awesome explainer video online is a site called They offer users several free animated templates to choose from.

Wideo is also another useful and amazing software users can take advantage of to create their own explainer video. The explainer video software has an easy to use interface. Plus, their drag and drop feature makes it a cinch when you want to make your own video.

Powtoon lets you make an explainer video in no time. The easy to use interface is something newbies will appreciate. The intuitive explainer video tool can allow you create a short video easily and like the pros do. Also, Powtoon is useful for those looking to create an animated explainer video.

Another tool those looking to create an animated video will love is Animaker. They have over 120 animation variations for you to use. In addition, there are five video styles which are uniquely different. The interface is easy to follow and lets you create an explainer video in a few steps.

GoAnimate comes with several options to give your more leeway when making your explainer video. For those who don’t want to spend too much money or time on making theirs, this is a great option. You can create an explainer video that is captivating and entertaining.

For anyone who wants great do it yourself explainer videos tools, RawShorts is a place to start. This useful and handy explainer video maker is an awesome program. Especially for those looking for software to create whiteboard explainer videos. RawShorts has some amazing templates in various categories.

Animatron allows those looking to create an explainer video to do so quickly and without too much hassle. The useful program has lots of features, props and backgrounds. More importantly, there are more than a hundred cartoon characters you can choose from. Another useful feature on Animatron is the option to use and create your own animation or graphics.

Overall, there are hundreds more other tools you can find to create your explainer video. Of course if you do not have the time and patience to make your own, you have other options. There are several explainer video production companies you can use. SquareShip is one of those which offer top rated video production services. You can also hire freelancers or someone on sites such as Fiverr, Craigslist or others.

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