Best Tools For Editing Animated Videos

Whether you’re looking for a way to wow everyone with a dazzling presentation or just changing the title card of your company, editing your work is never a bad idea. Fortunately, there are several programs out there, which can help you alter your own animated videos be it for entertaining or marketing purposes.

Without further ado, here are the best tools for editing animated videos through your computer:

Adobe Premier Pro

Available for Mac and Windows, this timeline-based video editor is immensely popular especially for those who are willing to spend. Moreover, it’s an amazing video editing tool due to its features like superb transition, Integration with After Effects and Photoshop, excellent video masking features, etc.

AVS Video Editor

On the other hand, if you are searching for professional-and-quality-rich and easy to use video editor suited for your Windows computer, AVS video editor is your best option. Created by Online Media Technologies, this video editor provides several note-worthy features like support for Blu-ray videos, a wide variety of effects, ability to share your work directly via Flick, Facebook, and MySpace, multilingual support and other useful features like stabilization.

Sony Vegas Pro

Also known as the Big Brother of the Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Sony Vegas Pro sports improved features in the condition that you’ll pay more. This tool offers a handful of intuitive and productive features like support for iOS devices by means of corresponding applications, powerful effects, improved audio control, stereoscopic 3D editing, top-notch media management, multi-track audio environment etc.


Of all video editing software, only Lightworks does have support for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Its features include a dedicated keyboard to improve video editing experience, powerful support for the background I/O, awesome set of realtime effects and multi-cam editing features. You can also enjoy other features such as background export, dedicated web export option, rendering and import etc.

Final Cut Pro

Simply called as FCP, Final Cut Pro is one of the premium video editing software which can be exclusively used by Mac users. It has lots of features that can’t be found in other software. Its timeline features and intuitive interface are ideal for post-production.

Corel VideoStudio

If you aren’t familiar with Corel VideoStudio, this derives from the same creator of CorelDraw, a famous graphic suite. Operated by 64-bit power, this software is something you shouldn’t miss since the tool can make video editing easier than before. In addition to that, once you buy the ultimate version, you have the chance to enjoy features like multi-monitor support, variable speed in video editing, better ways to make titles and overlays, stop-motion animation, DSLR enlarged mode etc.


In some ways, it does not really matter which animated video editing software or tool you’ll use, whether it’s free, paid or what features sets it apart from the others. It always depends on your personal preference because what works for others, may not work for you. Finally, evaluate your choices and pick one that is up to the task, user-friendly and feature-rich.

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