How to Watch Virtual Reality Videos on your PS4?

Usually the first thought that comes to mind when we hear about VR porn is not a Playstation 4. It’s probably a headset and a regular old smartphone combination, some of us may think of a PC first. However, what if you learned you can watch high quality VR porn not just from those sources but also from a PS4 or PS4 PRO console? Yes, the world of playstation vr porn videos is most certainly real.

Now obviously those of us that already watch VR porn on their phones or desktop devices may not need this life hack, however the resolutions the PS4 supports are quite impressive, so it’s definitely worth a gander.

That said, how is it done?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what you want to watch, luckily the PS VR lets you use a web browser within it, so you can get to your preferred site with the greatest of ease.

Now, if you’re content with the low quality videos you can find directly streamed on Pornhub or the like, your journey ends here, you merely click on the video and you’re done, you can watch it. However our recommended route is a bit more complicated. If you want 360 degree video feed, you’ll need to make a bit more of an effort, and while some of them will stream, there’s quite little of those that are compatible with PS VR.

Now note that the PS4 and its PRO counterpart are not the same in this regard, the PRO has a much higher viewing resolution, making it far superior in terms of VR Porn viewership.

Now, you’ll want to get to the website you’d like to download your porn off of on your PC. After doing this, you’ll need to take your pick of the videos offered and download them onto your desktop device. Take your time, this can be a slow process but it’ll be very worthwhile when you can see the contents on PS VR.

After this, take an USB stick and insert it into your computer, this will let you access your porn. Take the files from your computer and put them into the flash druve. After this, you’ll need to put the USB into your PS4 or PS4 PRO device. This will let you navigate to whatever program you use to play VR porn on your PS4, however you’ll need to check the properties of the media player. Any version below 2.50 isn’t able to play VR porn.

The following steps are easy, just get to the flash drive through the menu, and open the files you downloaded through the media player. Then just turn your PS4 compatible headset on and hold the key designated as ‘options’ on the dualshock joystick. This will let you access a panel which displays choices, letting you pick what mode to use.

When you finish that you’re set, just let the PS4 do the rest of the work in playing your VR porn and you can just sit down on your couch and enjoy it in full HD or 4K resolution.